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General information

What is ProAffiliates?

ProAffiliates is a network that connects brands with affiliates to promote products and services, facilitating growth and revenue through affiliate marketing.

Founded by affiliate marketers and managed by MonsterClaw, ProAffiliates understands both affiliate and brand needs deeply, offering tailored support and advanced tools for success.

Brands and affiliates can sign up through this link, with a simple onboarding process facilitated for brands to discuss their unique program needs.

ProAffiliates provides comprehensive support including guided onboarding, marketing strategy development, technical assistance, and dedicated account management.

Publishers can create a ProAffiliate affiliate account for free by signing up here.

If you’d like to become an advertiser in our network, we’re happy to provide you with a free consultation based on your business needs. Contact us to learn more.

ProAffiliates provides robust technical support for both affiliates and brands, covering platform issues, integration assistance, and more.

Affiliate Inquiries

How do I become an affiliate with ProAffiliates?

Sign up on our website, and once approved, you can start promoting.

Details on commission structures are defined during the onboarding process and can be adjusted based on mutual agreement between affiliates and brands.

Yes, ProAffiliates offers real-time tracking and monitoring tools to analyze campaign performance effectively.

Yes, ProAffiliates welcomes affiliates and brands from around the globe, supporting international partnerships.

Affiliates receive their commission payments on a monthly basis, with all transactions subject to review for accuracy.

Affiliates must meet certain criteria related to content quality and audience engagement to join ProAffiliates.

We partner with a wide range of brands across multiple industries, offering a variety of products and services to promote.

Commissions vary by campaign and are outlined when you join an affiliate program.

Payments are typically made monthly via direct deposit or PayPal, based on earnings exceeding a minimum threshold.

We offer dedicated affiliate managers, technical support, and marketing resources to help you succeed.

Advertiser Inquiries

How does ProAffiliates ensure the quality of its affiliates?

Through a careful selection process and ongoing monitoring to maintain high standards within the network.

If a merchant’s account balance falls below $0, all affiliate links will cease to function until the balance is restored.

ProAffiliates partners with a wide range of brands across various industries, offering diverse opportunities for promotion.

ProAffiliates offers in-depth reporting and analytics tools, as well as access to affiliate managers for strategic advice.

ProAffiliates employs advanced security measures and continuous monitoring to protect against fraudulent activities.

Sign up through our website, and we’ll guide you through the onboarding process.

ProAffiliates hosts a diverse network of vetted affiliates skilled in various marketing strategies.

Commission structures are customizable and agreed upon during the initial setup to fit your marketing goals.

We provide dedicated account managers, technical support, and marketing strategy consultation.

We monitor affiliate activity closely to maintain high standards and compliance with marketing regulations.

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